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Do you want to play football at a professional club, but can't get the chance to be seen by them?

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Leveraging our advanced search technology PlayerTrader is the quickest way for clubs to find you!

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You no longer have to surf the net looking for the next tournament you hope to be seen at. With PlayerTrader you finally have the power to choose when scouts come out to watch you play. This gives you the greatest opportunity to get seen by the pro clubs all over the world.

Find out about your strengths and weaknesses

Receive professional analysis and advice from a professional scout. They will be able to highlight all areas of your game helping you know where you stand as a player!

“There are so many young talented players that never get scouted and it's the only way to become a Pro player. PlayerTrader is awesome as it fixes that!”

Julian Joachim

Ex England & Premier League Centre forward


Discover the new platform that will bring you closer to your dream of making it as a pro footballer.

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